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doption of soy sauce

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Posted: Thu 4 Nov - 11:39 (2010) Reply with quote

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Flavors with a reasonable prevention of hypertension
Experts say that prevention of hypertension with diet formulas, namely: "catty of milk twenty-two meat, a pound of vegetables eighty-two Valley. An egg five grams of salt, fruit, green tea enjoying. Do not smoke cigarettes, drink less, optimistic, cheerful heart worries . Every morning run and the same thick belt to protect you. "diet must uphold the" five flavors, but "principles:
First, the food, but salt: salt restriction
Healthy adult daily salt intake should not exceed 6 grams, including the adoption of soy sauce, pickles, salt, MSG and other spices the amount of intake.
Second, the food, but sweet: Sugar Limited
High sugar content of food is mainly rice, flour, cakes and so on. Experts suggest that to be with the thickness of the staple food, such as corn, millet, beans, buckwheat, potatoes and so on. Best to eat or eat less cake, fritters, fried cake, cream cake, chocolate, milk ice cream.
Third, the food, but tired: Limit high fat foodsFXIV Gil
Swtor Credits
Swtor Credits Experts suggest that in life to limit livestock meat (especially fat), animal fats (eg lard), cream cakes, palm oil, high fat and egg products, egg yolks, organ meats, fish roe and chicken skin, duck, etc. high cholesterol food intake. Not more than 250 grams per day of fresh milk or yogurt. 75 grams of meat per day less than control, mainly lean meats, such as pigs, cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks and other poultry meat.
Fourth, the food, but Xin: Limit alcohol
Wine is "happiness" foods, such as the life of the people for alcohol, experts recommend drinking fine day for men and no more than 30 grams, the wine is less than 100 to 150 ml, such as 2 to 3 two; or beer is less than 250 500 ml, such as catty to 1 kg; or liquor is less than 25 ~ 50 ml, about 0.5 to 1 two. Half the amount of women, pregnant women do not drink. Do not advocate a high degree of alcohol drinking.
Fifth, the food, but bitter: excessive drinking can cause loss of appetite
Food is mainly wheat bitter bitter vegetables, celery, mustard greens, bitter melon, coffee and so on. Hard to heat, hot weather in Guangzhou, appropriate to eat a bitter vegetable is good, you can clear hepatitis, Firelight. However, the bitter cold, after all, been eating the damage the spleen and stomach, leading to loss of appetite, or abdominal pain and diarrhea, affect the digestion and absorption of food.
Need to be reminded that many of the elderly was nervous to mention eggs, that their cholesterol levels are too high, the body is not good, in fact, in addition to those who try to eat egg yolk cholesterol, other people to eat eggs, not much problem. Would also like to emphasize that the Diet, but also not too full. "Since the times of eating, the stomach is injured," Bukebufang. If you could with the proper exercise and maintaining ease of mind for the better.

Posted: Thu 4 Nov - 11:39 (2010)
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